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Landscaping Services


Natural stone is a great choice for its enduring colour, texture, and complete freedom from deterioration and maintenance. I​t is highly heat, scratch and stain resistant, and is commonly used to face commercial and institutional buildings and monuments. It is unequaled as a material for fireplaces and steps. **


Experience the enduring value and long-lasting beauty of interlocking paving stones to redefine your idea of outdoor living. Each driveway, walkway, patio, and pool deck design is uniquely customized to fit the personal style and preferences of the homeowner. Our pavers are fully customizable and beautiful to look at, as well as extremely durable and guaranteed to be a fantastic longterm investment for your home. **


Low voltage outdoor lighting can be used in a landscape to provide safety, security, accent, and character. Their purpose is to set a particular mood or create atmosphere​. Lights highlight focal points in the landscape, safely lead a person from one location to another and imitate natural light such as simulating moonlight.


Once planted, trees and shrubs will be around for decades. Consider ones that grow well in your climate, are appropriate for your space, and complement your landscape design.


​Enhanced landscaping improves property value, and water features make your property stand out from the rest. A pond-less waterfall in the front yard provides curb appeal, while a backyard Ecosystem Pond increases a home's value much like a deck, patio, or gazebo. The sound of a water feature will drown out noise from traffic or neighbours.


Whether fixing a problem once it arises or being proactive, proper drainage is the best way to keep water away from your home's foundation. 

**Concrete Interlock & Natural Stone imperfections – they’re not uncommon! In fact, it’s rare to see any pieces that are completely impeccable and unblemished. Therefore, it cannot be guaranteed.

This includes; slight colour differences, air bubbles, minor chips (1/2 inch or smaller), slight shape and size differences, hair line fractures and varying textures. Please appreciate every natural stone and interlock for its beauty and uniqueness.


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